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BV$B Inc.


 President ~ CEO

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I am the proud owner of BV$B Inc.  Located in Huntsville Alabama, formed from three entities, 

merged into one business in 2018, operating small businesses since 1998. 


BV&B Inc.and BBVBUZZ combined with other entities have over 40 years of experience which includes; Business Management, Administrator, Teacher, Director, Sales & Service, Corporate Trainer, Drug & Rehab Consultant, Marketing, Anger Management Consultant, 

Makeup & Skincare Consultant and Travel Agency Owner.

I lead a small team of inspired, service driven, experienced and professional leaders who care about making a difference in our society and in areas that will help each community to strive and succeed in building up instead of tearing down the morals of our citizens.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Valencia Battle

  • Online Services - Zoom, Individual sessions and Group classes, Victims and Family Mediation support services  
  • Court Release Programs - Group Assessments, Implementing Restorative Justice and Lower Recidivism rates, Correctional & Probation offenders, Victims and Family Mediation 
  • Consultant and Life Coaching - Anger Management, Mentoring and Coaching
  • Mediation - Assistance with family & Court
  • Community Outreach Programs - online assistance 
  • Life Prep - Peer Pressure and Faith based sessions 
  • Skills for Success  - Vocational & Business  
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