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Hi, We are the proud owners of BV$B Inc. a Small Minority Family Owned Business formed in 2019.  Together we have over 40 years experience in business and education, focusing in Sales and Service, Marketing Management, Consulting, Anger Management, College Instructor of Hair and Cosmetology and Travel Agency ownership. 


We lead a small team of people inspired, service driven, experienced and professional leaders who care about everyone in all communities across the world, which allow us to give all the needed attention to anyone that care to use our services online and doing business with us in today's new market. 


We'll strive to do business with you in a professional, comforting relaxed setting for all, giving each person the attention needed for a happy and satisfied customer/client relationship.  We look forward to meeting you soon.



Head of Social Media and Marketing

Hi, I'm Chyna, Working with my parents have given me the opportunity to grow and learn fantastic ways to broaden my love for people, while helping others achieve their goals as well.  I have worked as a Nail Technician for 3 years, Preschool Teacher for 2 years and presently hold a degree in Phlebotomy.


Our family own business will spearhead a new generation of doing business and teaching from the comfort of your home and mine, to motivate in a classroom setting, from Mobile to zooming any way you like!  I am here to help with all social contacts and marketing through online services and apps for our team.  


Together we'll strive to do what is needed to keep you satisfied and happy with our expertise in each of our skill sets.  I look forward to seeing you soon on our web sites and other social media connections.


Product Financial Manager and Community Director

Hi, My name is Loraine, I love working with people from all walks of life and helping people feel good about themselves, never meeting a stranger. 


I've been a business owner for over 35 years,  a professional cosmetologist for over 30 years, also

I've had the privilege to work as an organizational manager and a administrator of education.  This small summery about myself will give you a window into my experiences and to show why I am happy to be a part of this team of professionals.  


Together we'll strive to do what is needed to keep you satisfied and happy with our expertise in each of our skill sets.  I look forward to meeting you personally.

  • Consultant and Life Coaching - Anger Management, Self Awareness, Sales and Marketing Skills, Beauty In & Out Motivational Speaking
  • Student/School Career Prep - Middle Schools and High Schools
  • Online Lessons - Webinars & Zoom Classes
  • One on 1 Tutoring - Video Conference & Zoom
  • Skills for Success  - Students, Disadvantage,  and Community training
  • B2B Community Efforts - Support, Investments
  • Non-Profit - Community and Business
  • Cosmetic and Skin Care Products - Color Me Beautiful and Flori Roberts Cosmetics & Skin Care, Training and Home/Office Parties
  • Hair Cutting Technique - Introduction to Barbering and Science to Barbering
  • Shades of Beauty - Hair sales and Products
  • Wellness program - Life Wave and Engage Global


Account Manager and Controller II

Hello, I'm Danielle, I enjoy helping in all areas of business in order to maintain a smooth successful day to day operation.  I've been in the Banking business for over 20 years working in various positions in banking and finance management. 


Family and friends plays an important roll in my life and as a wife and mother of five, I stay very busy with just the smallest task in life, however being part of BBVBUZZ  professionals, I enjoy my roll in managing the business accounts as it also allow me the opportunity to spend time with my family while growing with our company


Together we'll strive to do what is needed to keep you satisfied and happy with our expertise in each of our skill sets.  I'm looking forward to meeting you.


Wellness Product Team Lead and Sales Marketing Specialist

Hello, My name is Delores, I enjoy being able to interact with everyone, especially those that have an interest in health and nutritional products.  I've been in the business of health management and wellness for over 20 years while, always striving to make available the highest quality of supplements that's  genuinely beneficial and affordable.  Ask me how?


I am thrilled to be a part of this team of business professionals as well as with our Wellness team, together we'll strive to do what is needed to keep you satisfied and happy with our expertise in each of our skill sets.   I'm looking forward to meeting and helping each and every one of you.


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