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Online Lessons  -  Webinars & Zoom Classes
  • What works for "YOU" 
  • Peer Pressure & Self Awareness
  • Faith and Spiritual Uplifting
  • Road Map to Success-Life Choices
  • Business Negotiation Strategies​
Work Shop Sessions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Business 101
  • Life Skills
Consultation and Life Coaching
  • Anger Management / Conflict Resolution
  • Mediations Court & Family sessions
  • Self and Spiritual Awareness
  • Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Beauty In & Out Motivational Speaking
Skills for Success 
  •  Students
  •  Business Mentoring 
  •  Community Services
  •  People Skills for Growth
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Open Laptop
Photo of jail
dhamma-brothers-alabama-prison-meditation photo
Students in Class
Adult Education Course
Young boy getting hair cut
Online Learning
Preping Young Adults for Business Success
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Community Gardening
Set the example
Shades of Beauty
Interested Student
In a Meeting
Working from Home
Video Call
Motivational Speaker
Smiling Man on Laptop
American Judge
In a Meeting
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